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Deamer Capital, LLC is a leading e-commerce distribution company that brings together big-name brands and distributors, leveraging a power and reach of multiple online sales channels to boost sales and exposure for your brand partners.

Our Mission

At Deamer Capital, our mission is to empower brands and distributors to thrive in the dynamic world of online retail. We aim to provide a comprehensive and seamless platform that connects top-quality products with a global customer base, ultimately fostering long-lasting and successful collaborations.

Our Partners

Deamer Capital collaborates with a diverse range of big-name brands and trusted distributors across various industries. Whether it's fashion, electronics, home essentials, or more, we have a broad spectrum of partners that contribute to our extensive product portfolio.

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Hardware Warehouse

E-commerce Distribution

Bulk purchases of your name brand products for distribution

B2B Wholesale

Business to Business partnership, providing access and relationships to brands and products

Logistics and Storage
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Utilize our teams industry knowledge and warehouse space to exceed your current limits

What Sets Us Apart


Exclusive Partnerships

We take pride in forming exclusive partnerships with big-name brands and reputable distributors across various industries ensuring access to a curated selection of high-demand products.

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Data-Driven Insights

Our data-driven approach helps us identify market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, we can provide valuable insights to our partners, empowering them to make informed business decisions.

Multiple Sales Channels

Multi-Channel Sales

To optimize sales and exposure, we harness the power of multiple online sales channels, including major e-commerce platforms and social media marketplaces. 


Growth Mindset

We are dedicated to maximizing every relationship, investing time, energy, and thinking out of the box find ways to excel for us and all our partners.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage the latest technologies to streamline inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment. This enables us to offer a seamless experience for both our partners and their customers.

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Personalized Support

We understand that each partner is unique, and we tailor our support to meet their specific needs. Our dedicated team work closely with partners, providing personalized guidance and support to ensure their success.

Join Us on the Journey:

We invite brands and distributors seeking to expand their sales and visibility to join us on this exciting journey. At Deamer Capital, we believe in fostering long-term relationships built on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

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